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Spending the Evening at the Shisha Dance Bar in Dubai

The practice of shisha smoking has gained increased popularity over the past few decades, leading to an increase in the number of public establishments, such as shisha cafes and shisha lounges, being created to cater to the demands of the clientele. The creation and patronage of these venues have now overtaken the former location for shisha enjoyment. Shisha smoking is uniting an increasing number of people who are being exposed to shisha smoking at later stages in their life, hence, in different social settings. 

The use of shisha in this manner is setting the stage for a conflicting situation where the practice of shisha needs to be accepted within particular social parameters as norms within communities are being shattered. It could be suggested then that this newfound love for shisha smoking is causing a revision of the legal framework that is supposed to regulate the use of shisha in public areas.

Know a Little Bit About Shisha in Dubai

The term shisha refers to a number of flavored tobaccos that are smoked using a large water pipe. Due to the social and legal restrictions on the use of other substances, the flavored tobaccos that are smoked using the shisha have evolved to include pleasant tastes such as double apple, mint, and mixed fruit. Today, the shisha has crossed both gender and age barriers. There are countless shisha cafes dotted around Dubai, even in residential neighborhoods. Be it in five-star luxury venues or modest cafeterias, men and women puff on this sweetly flavored tobacco almost everywhere throughout the city.

The shisha (also called hookah or waterpipe) is one of the more popular cultural customs in the United Arab Emirates. It is widely used in public places such as restaurants, clubs, and bars, as well as during private social gatherings. This blog explores the experience of spending the evening at the shisha dance bar located in one of the high-end residential suburbs of Dubai. 

Although the shisha dance bar is well known for its sedate and sophisticated atmosphere, it offers something for everyone. High-end shisha dance bar in Dubai with a compelling ambience help you unwind with the performances by their iconic resident DJs combined with Vegas-style cabaret acts ensure that guests enjoy the night through authentic beats played with a mix of house, RnB, urban, funky, and fresh dance set with a hint of electro swing. 

Can You Dance in Shisha Dance Bars Dubai?

Shisha dance bars in Dubai offer the best dancing experience. Smoke the shisha and dance all night. Many shisha bars in Dubai offer a dance floor and a lively atmosphere, making them popular spots for socializing and enjoying music while savoring shisha. Some popular shisha bars with dance floors include – 

  • Underground Club: Known for its deep house beats, Underground Club offers the best experience with shisha and dance. 
  • Treble Xo Club: This club offers a variety of shisha flavors and a dance floor, making it a popular spot for those who want to experience both.
  • Gold Diggers Club: This luxury night club offers shisha and a dance floor, providing a luxurious experience for those who want to enjoy both.

What are the Best Flavors You Can Try at the Best Shisha Dance Bar in Dubai?

When visiting a shisha dance bar in Dubai, you can expect a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Here are some popular and trending shisha options to try – 

1. Fruit Flavors

   – Apple

   – Lemon

   – Grape

   – Watermelon

   – Orange

   – Berry flavors like strawberry and blueberry

2. Mint Flavors

   – Blue Mint

   – Iced Mint Star

   – Mint

3. Sweet Flavors

   – Tiramisu (tiramisu sweet cake)

   – Blue Mist (blueberry, bubble gum)

   – Other sweet blends with fruity and tropical flavors

4. Refreshing Flavors

   – Lemon Chill

   – Iced shisha experience for a refreshing hit

5. Premium Flavors

   – Pan Vanilla

   – Kolkata Mint

   – Karachi Pan

   – Zafaran Spring Water

These are the flavors you can try for hot summer nights, as they are refreshing and invigorating. 

How Shisha Bars Differ From Other Dance Clubs in Dubai?

The atmosphere at a shisha dance bar in Dubai is unique and offers a distinct experience compared to other nightlife spots in the city. Here are some key differences – 

  • Ambiance: Shisha dance bars often have a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance, with comfortable seating and a relaxed atmosphere. This is different from the high-energy, fast-paced environments found in clubs which are geared towards dancing and partying.
  • Music: Shisha dance bars typically feature a mix of music genres, including world music, chill-out tunes, and ambient beats, which creates a more laid-back atmosphere. In contrast, clubs in Dubai focus on electronic dance music (EDM), house, and commercial hits, which are more energetic and geared towards dancing.
  • Food and Drinks: Shisha dance bars often offer a variety of international cuisine and refreshing drinks, which complement the shisha experience. On the other hand, clubs are more on fine dining and sophisticated culinary offerings.
  • Social Atmosphere: Shisha dance bars allows socializing and relaxing with friends and family, while clubs are geared towards a more exclusive and luxurious experience, often with VIP sections and bottle service.
  • Shisha Experience: The shisha experience itself is a key aspect of these bars, with a wide range of flavors and a relaxed atmosphere that allows patrons to unwind and enjoy the fragrant smoke. This is different from the primary focus on dancing and partying in other nightlife spots.